Zero Sulfates, Parabens, Dyes, Gluten, Phthalates, and Propylene Glycol


Herbal Hair Mask



8oz – $20

Rich in Ayurvedic herbs combined with oils that are made into a paste to work to penetrate and condition the scalp, reduces headaches, brings moisture to hair and relaxes and cools the head. 

How to Apply:

Use gloves to protect hands from getting color on them. Use hands or a color brush to apply henna mask into roots and hair. Cover it with a hair cap and let it sit for 45 minutes to 2 hours. Wash out.


Ingredients & Benefits

Olive Oil

promotes hair health, improves blood flow, and thickens hair

Coconut Oil

brings moisture to the hair, prevents split ends


promotes hair growth, reduces frizz, conditions the scalp


helps with baldness and hair growth, prevents hair loss and graying, treats dandruff


reduce premature pigmentation and greying, prevent dry scalp, dandruff, lice, stimulate hair growth and decrease hair loss, strengthens the hair follicle


holds anti-fungal properties, adds shine, cleans the hair


alkaloids combine with proteins from the root of the hair to make them stronger and thicker

Musk Root

rejuvenates and promotes body and shine to the hair


Additional information

Weight 8 oz