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Vitamin C Daily Hydrating Face Serum



1oz – $38

Vegan, chemical-free, organic, made with the best non-comedogenic nurturing oils for a light feel but deep penetration. This face serum increases collagen production, enhances and locks in moisture, promotes anti-aging; reduces fine lines & wrinkles while improving pigmentation over time.

How to Use:

This serum is thin so it goes a long way. 

All you need is three drops. 

3 drops for the face.

1 drop for the neck.

Massage it into the skin. 

Supply for 6-8 months


Ingredients & Benefits

Rosehip Seed Oil

contains vitamins B - Complex, E, C, retinol and omegas 3 & 6. Rosehip is best known for its vitamin C benefits

Sesame Oil

carrier oil, antibacterial, contains antioxidants, detoxes skin, reduces patchy skin, heals cuts and wounds like open acne scars, reduces scar pigmentation, repairs damaged skin cells

Squalane Oil

Derived from olive seeds, promotes soft and smoothness, counter acts wrinkles and locks in hydration and moisture

Vitamin E

compliments SPF, reduces sun damage, reduces the appearance of scars


Tip 1:

Same as your hair you never want to wash your face with hot water as it dries out the skin and damages it. The optimal temperature is to have it at cold or lukewarm.

Tip 2:

When applying any kind of products to your face and neck work in an upwards direction. Never pull your skin down rather use a lifting motion (shown in the how to video)

Tip 3:

When you dry your skin use a patting motion. Dragging towels and wash clothes on the skin can cause micro-tears

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