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By July 3, 2020No Comments

A lot of people hear about herbs that are beneficial for the hair, but what really are they and what can they do for you? One of the key ingredients we at Ancient Ayurvedic add to our hair oil and shampoo is Indian gooseberry, or amla. This is one of the most underrated herbs by far.

In the simplest of terms, amla is a fruit (yes, really), but it isn’t just an ordinary fruit you can find in the produce section of your local supermarket. This fruit, cultivated in the deep, rich tropical parts of India, has benefits one can only dream of. Among its most favorable benefits are those for the hair.

In the 21st century amla is considered a miracle herb since it combats hair loss and damage while still being completely all-natural and without side effects. Since many of us suffer from daily life stress, hormonal and chemical changes in our bodies happen frequently. Because of this, we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves in the most natural ways possible. Stress will always find a way in our lives and its negative effects are inevitable. Luckily, we have amla on our side.

A lesser known fact is that vitamin C helps produce collagen, which is very important for hair health and growth. In fact, researchers say that amla consists of twenty times the vitamin C than that can be found in an orange (that’s a lot of Vitamin C!). The usage of amla can combat the vitamin C deficiency we all struggle from and regrow our hair to be strong and healthy. Not only is amla used in curative hair treatment, it is also highly recommended in preventative hair care. Regularly using amla either in an everyday shampoo or in oil massages for one’s head can help strengthen the roots of your hair, ultimately reducing the number of split-ends and breakage. Among the various benefits already listed, amla also has shown to enrich hair pigmentation, reduce the chances of baldness, prevent damage to the hair follicles, and slow down the graying process.

Amla has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine and treatment. Spreading the word of natural ways to create natural beauty is what we love to share!